Recovery data tool for windows

Today I want to show and tell you how in the easy 5 steps. You can recovery data in your computer or do usb flash recovery or usb drive recovery. You will need best data recovery software for windows. There are a lot of similar programs on the network as recovery software. But I settled on this disk drill for windows it most caused me respect and trust.With this recovery software, you can restore almost all deleted files, works with a many of file formats (.avi .mp4 .mp3 .jpeg etc) and documents (.exel .powerpoint .word .pdf. etc), has backup tool, disk data protection, recovery system. I want to note that free data recovery software is very easy and fast to use Disk Drill review considers best data recovery software for windows. You can still do solid state drive data recovery by connecting via USB.

I also want to note that there is a system for scanning errors on a hard disk or usb device. Which will extend the life of a hard drive or device.
With the data protect option, you can always safely store files on your computer.

Recovery software supports most file systems as NTFS or FAT32.
This data restore tool can do recovery usb drive, sd card photo recovery, recovery sd, repair usb and restore usb flash and all this in one program.

Operating Systems Supported:

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008

How I do recover deleted files?

First of all, we must install a data recovery program. We run the program and choose a place under hdd icon where you need to restore the data. Once you have selected a location to analyze deleted files. We run an analysis program to recover data. After the analysis of the deleted data is completed, we click on the format icon that we need. We’re being thrown into a tree of deleted data files. Where you select the files and click on the «Recover now» button

How to restore files from a flash drive ?

First of all, we have to start the program. After installation, we run the program and find our flash drive in the main menu, which we need to restore. We click our flash drive and press «search for lost files.» After the file recovery analysis process, we click on the icon of the format we need and throw us into the tree of restored files. Where we already select the files we need and click the recover files button.

Benefit of a the best file recovery tool

We preach our program to restore deleted files trial version in 500 restored files. But statistics show that people have enough 500 restored files to achieve the goal.

Here I will tell you how to restore deleted files in 5 steps!

Fast install file recovery tools

Step 1
To begin, we must download the archive from restore data tool to our computer, unzip the file and install it, for this we click on the Download Software now button, after downloading you unzip it to your computer, PASSWORD: 1111

Start data recovery software

Step 2
We double-click the recoverydiskdrill.exe file in the folder where it was stored and click Install. After installing the program, press the Launch button in our menu in restore data tool.

Convenient to manage file restore software

Step 3
We need to select the disk or devices to analyze data recovery in the middle screen and in the right you need to select the tab
Recovery and below select App recovery method to go through all recovery algorithms on the right side of the panel and click below in the same «search for lost files»

Smart recovery of deleted files

Step 4
When the scan is over, you can click on the image of the format of the media file you are interested in. And you will be transferred to the folder of scanned files of this format. And so it’s very convenient for us to see the formats in the pictures. Which allows you to work quickly and conveniently with the program.
To make a restore sd card. You will need to click mouses cursor. On your usb device in the main menu. Where the restore sd card was attached

Quickly recover deleted files

Step 5
It is very convenient that when analyzing data recovery, each file format is thrown into a separate folder, which improves our work in finding the file format we need. Next, we highlight the file format that we need and click on the «Recover all» button. The data recovery wizard will begin immediately restoring the data of the desired format.
If you have not found a file that you want to try a deep scan of the rewritable area. By clicking on the «Scan entire disk» button

This is the best application for restoring deleted files. This program has a small percentage of information loss.

Windows 10 recovery usb can also of course through this program.
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how to restore data from google drive ?
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